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The Name of Jesus

When you speak in and by the spirit, there is manifestation, but when you speak in the flesh, it is nothing. when you speak by the Spirit, you’re overwhelmed.. unconsciously speaking… Speaking by the Spirit, takes discernment..
You pray in the Spirit by discernment.

2Chr. 14:7

– Therefore he said to Judah, “Let us build these cities and make walls around them, and towers, gates, and bars, while the land is yet before us, because we have sought the LORD our God; we have sought Him, and He has given us rest on every side.” So they built and prospered.

There’s a way you make an utterance that the integrity of God will be at stake.. As you pray in the name of Jesus, you’re invoking the totality of the God head into function thereof… The name of God is God’s Integrity. The name of God the Father, God the Son And God the Holy Spirit, are totally encoded in the Name of Jesus… Whatever you’re adressing and God is not the Center, don’t expect manifestation…

What destroyed Goliath, is not the stone, but David’s believe in Name of the Lord… “I come against you in THE NAME OF THE LORD” 1Samuel 17:45 … That was the utterance of a man living in the Name…
The name that Goliath had to bow when he fell, because at the Name, every knee must bow.. it was the force of the name that brought him to his knees and he bowed…

The name of the Lord cannot be put to shame, so it tends to bring about manifestation when called upon…. David said “IN THE NAME” not BY THE NAME..

Coming by the name of Jesus, means you have the knowledge of the name but you’ve not come to experience it… It takes mercy, for you to see manifestation by the name. But in the name of Jesus, brings you as a representative, standing in the stead of that name with a full experience of it…

What does the expression “in the Name” mean? We know that the expression “in Christ” as used about one hundred and thirty times in the New Testament, shows us the believer’s position, his Legal Standing, his place in the family and in the purposes or program of God.
When Jesus gave to the Early Church the Right to use His Name.. that Right meant that they were to represent Him; they were acting in His stead, and when they prayed in Jesus’ Name, it was as though Jesus Himself were praying.
I mean that we are taking, Christ’s place and acting as Christ’s representatives. Christ is at the Right Hand of the Father-we are here as His representatives, not only collectively, but individually.
When we pray in Jesus’ Name, we are taking the place of the absent Christ; we are using His name, using His authority to carry out His will on the earth.
When we say, “Father, we ask this in Jesus’ Name,” we are praying representatively. We are saying, “Father, Jesus is up there at Thy Right Hand and He gave us the Power of Attorney to carry out your will on earth. So here is this great need. We ask Thee in His Name to meet it.”

That need may be for finances; it may be for power in ministry; it may be for salvation of souls; it may be for the healing of a sick one-but we take Jesus’ place and use Jesus’ Name just as though Jesus Himself were here. The only difference is that instead of Jesus doing it, we’re doing it for Him; we are doing it at His command.
He has given to us the same authority He had when He was here, and the believer’s position in Christ gives him the same Standing with the Father that Christ had when He was here.
This unlimited use of the Name of Jesus reveals to us the implicit confidence that the Father has in the Church. This in itself is a challenge. The simplicity of Peter’s use of the Name of Jesus in the Book of Acts compels us to believe that Peter knew he was acting in Jesus’ stead, with the same authority that Jesus had.
You will notice he does not stop even to pray for a sick one all he does is to say, “In Jesus’ Name, rise and walk.” There is no hint that he attempted to exercise what we call “faith” in any manner; it reduced itself to a simple business proposition with the Early Church-they remembered what the Master said and what He said, was true, to them. He said, “Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in My Name, I will give it you.”


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