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Things that Accompany Salvation Pst. Power Pneuma

Heb.6.9 – But, beloved, we are confident of better things concerning you, yes, things that accompany salvation, though we speak in this manner.

There are things that accompany salvation. This one thing that a believer need to know. Many believers have a mindset that their sins are just washed and that is all. Some have not even believe there sins are washed perfectly. They still believe that they are sinners and will always ask God for forgiveness in all their prayers, thus living in sin consciousness.  Others that believe that their sins are washed once and for all, just ended it there. They don’t know what salvation brought to them.

    There are things that accompany salvation of which every believer need to know. This things are so precious and needed that a believer knows them for his reigning on earth… These are consequences and benefits of salvation. The result of salvation. Just like when a man join a secret cult group, the consequences of being in a particular frantanity. This consequences are inevitably happening to one that is with that particular system. After initiation they start opening your eyes to things that accompany your initiation, this is what will enable you to manifest in the strength of your initiation. This build your believe system and your convictions.
The wicked understand this and they give so much attention to it. That is the reason you see someone,  just 5 months in witchcraft messing up a believer and a family that has been in Christ for 20 years and above without knowledge of their Salvation. 
You see so many church leaders under different kinds of the attack of the enemy and they can’t help themselves.  
Some that are anointed only depending on the Anointing upon them while the Anointing within them is dormant because they don’t know these things that accompany there salvation.
  So many will pray and get the sick healed, while they die in sickness…


One of the things that accompanies salvation is

Many believe that Eternal Life is a life one receives, when He/She dies and ascend to heaven, while many believe that it is a life without end.
Eternal life is not an unending life (Life without End), Eternal life is the very life of God. Is the life that makes God who He is. This not a human life or a good life, eternal life is beyond that. Is the glorified life of God.  Eternal Life in Greek rendering is called Zoe.
This is the very life at work in every believer that declares the lordship of Jesus, which makes him or her indestructible.
A believer is not at the mercy of devil or any force of darkness. The life of God make Satan, devil, and all force of darkness to come under you as a believer.
1John.5.11 – And this is the testimony: that God has given us ETERNAL LIFE , and this life is in His Son.
As much as this is true so many believers are still under different attacks of the enemy because of their ignorance In this Mystery

So many children of God is still held bound by darkness either in the name of foundational problem, spiritual husband, stagnation, torment from the spirit of death etc. All kinds of demonic activities and these persons are believers in christ. He is saved but is still enslaved by the wicked, because of ignorance in the things that accompany salvation.
He can pray for many hours, but have not come to understand the things that accompany his or her salvation. Almost all his prayers, will be things that his deliverance in christ has settled, but because he is unaware the enemy takes advantage of it.  
So many reveals there ignorance in the place of prayers and by this, they empower the enemy without their knowledge. You can reveal your ignorance to devil through your prayer points.

Many are still praying for Deliverance when God has already delivered us.

Col.1.13 – He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the Son of His love.

He has delivered us from the power of darkness and has translated us to his glorious light. Many believers don’t know this truth and don’t believe that they are totally delivered. They believe that they are to do one or two in the village for their total deliverance.
They go into praying all kind of unnecessary prayers of deliverance. Some go to places for the same issue of deliverance from maybe spiritual wife and spiritual husband.
After every rolling on the ground,  what is happening is still happening .

This is time to take hold of  deliverance that salvation brought to you. Its time to lIve free from the force of darkness. Its time to experience the joy of salvation in regards to our deliverance. The attack is over. The manipulation is over. The works of darkness has come to an end over you. Let your deliverance start speaking in every thing that concerns you.

If you have not received SALVATION,please pray this simple prayer

Jesus Christ, I believe in my heart that you are son of God. You died on the cross for my sin and has risen for my justification. I declare you lord over my life. I receive your life and am free now from satanic manipulations and activities from today.

Congratulations  if you just prayed this prayer.
Stay connected and build your Spirit in God.


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