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Understanding what Kingdom Service is all About by Pastor Paul Enenche

Most giants in Scripture were referred to as the servants of God. Service to God was a distinguishing identity of their lives.
It is not possible for a person to be truly spiritual and not serve


Abraham (Gen. 26:24; Ps. 105:41-43)
Moses (Ex. 4:10; 14:31; Num. 12:6-8; Deut. 34:5)
Joshua (Josh. 5:13)
David Ps. 78:70; 89:3, 20)
Daniel (Dan. 6:16, 20)
Paul the Apostle (Rom. 1:1; Tit. 1:1)
The Master Jesus (John 9:4)

Service is proof of submission
You gladly serve anyone you are submissive to
Service is proof of dedication or commitment
Service is proof of value (Matt. 4:10)
Service is proof of affection (love)
Acts of service is a love language
You can’t claim to love or value God if you are not interested in serving Him

Service is the meeting of needs or the filling of gaps
Service is the offering of help, kindness or assistance
Service is the making of a difference or the addition of value
Service is the offering of satisfaction or the creation of fulfilment
Service is the running of errands (addiction to errands)
Service is availability for instructions or readiness for orders
Service is the deployment of effort, time and ability to offer solution

The heart of humility (1Chron. 29:14)
The passion to make a difference or to meet a need (1Sam. 17:26)
Genuine love and affection for God (Ps. 27:4-5)
When you genuinely love God, you want to spend and be spent for God

Kingdom service brings completion to life (Gen. 2:8, 18)
God Himself identifies what is lacking in your life and fills it up
Kingdom service attracts the Blessing of God; it attracts supernatural supplies (Ex. 23:25)
Kingdom service attracts Divine health and vitality (Ex. 23:25)
Kingdom service attracts longevity (Ex. 23:25-26; Deut. 34:5, 7)
Kingdom service is a prolonger of life
Kingdom service brings a dressing of honour and dignity (Prov. 27:18)
If you serve God well, you can’t escape honour
Kingdom service attracts the unction or the anointing of God (Ps. 89:20)
When you serve God well your head cannot lack the anointing and if the anointing is not lacking the yokes must break
Kingdom service is the doorway to a life of distinction (Mal. 3:17-18)
Kingdom service attracts Divine defence (Mal. 3:17)
Kingdom service is the way to answered prayers (Luke 1:5-13)
There are answered prayers that are waiting at the place of service
Kingdom service is the secret of Divine Presence (Mark 16:20)
There are answered prayers that are waiting at the place of service

Ask God to show you your area of service or assignment (Acts 9:6)
Look inwards to identify inherent giftings or potentials that can be used in service (1Sam. 16:17, 23)
Look outwards to see needs that compel your attention or involvement
The need you are created to solve always cries out for you
Serve reverently and in the fear of God (Heb. 12:28-29)
You cannot serve sinfully and achieve any result with God – sin will taint your service and destroy its profit
Serve reverently and passionately (Rom. 12:11)
Don’t drag your feet to do the things of God
Serve heartily, not with eye service (Eph. 6:4-6)
Serve God, not man; struggle to please God not man; work for God not for man, if your service is to be accepted
Serve with the mentality of being privileged (Heb. 5:4)
Never think that you are doing church or the pastor a favour
Go the extra mile (Eccl. 9:10)
Father, I come before You today to receive the grace to serve You. Show me what to do and help me to do what You want me to do Lord, in Jesus’ Name

The Cup of the Blessing; grace to serve God passionately is released upon you via this communion; everything that serving God has to offer is communicated via this communions


The purpose of God for your life is hereby established
That spirit of backwardness that takes you back home and back to your village is arrested
Every area where there is a deficiency in your life, there shall be a filling in Jesus’ Name
Overnight, you shall receive an encounter that shall change your story
Whatever is not planted by my Father in Heaven in your body is uprooted
Everything that is yours shall look for you from the North, South, East and West


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