God relates with your spirit.
Man is a spirit that dwells in a body, man has the image of God (the spirit of God).
Faith is calling real that which you don’t see. You relate with unseen things through faith. You relate with God through Faith. Faith is based on what God says,
Rom10:17, if you have Faith, you don’t beg, you just accept it and take a hold of it because God has already said so. That’s why the Word of God is important, it makes us aware of the things already given to us by God.

Faith comes by hearing the word of God.
2cor5:7(for we walk by faith, not by sight) we don’t only show faith when we need something, we live by faith. Just as we breathe air and stay alive by breathing air in the earth, so also, if we must stay alive in the spirit, we must live by faith, faith is how we stay alive in the spirit.

2cor4:16-18 (we do not consider the things which are seen, we focus on the promises of God, holding on to God’s word. We visualise with the word of God!) Things which are seen are temporal but the one which comes from the word of God through faith, has life and is eternal! It has an eternal testimony of the word of God, it takes you from Glory to Glory. Such testimonies don’t dry up, the one that comes through faith is sustainable. That’s why we don’t trust in our abilities but lean on God’s word through faith.

Righteousness. Rom5:17-19, Rom10:10. Even righteousness comes by faith, you believe with your spirit. It is believing that brings you into righteousness.
As a Christian, you cannot live without faith, you can’t even successfully be a Christian without faith becauseyou cannot please God without Faith.


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