Good morning dear reader. I trust that this beautiful piece will inspire you!

You must know that you can trust God. In all your plans and goals this month, don’t leave Him out!

The world is full of uncertainty. The indication of our progress or what we can achieve is never in the world, it is in CHRIST. Christ is the hope in times unbearable, He’s the covering that nothing can penetrate.

Those who trust in their God shall be strong and they shall do exploits (Dan 11:23b). Whatever your goals are this month, be reminded that God is your source and there is no scarcity in Him. Hallelujah!

Remember that the same water that drowned others, floated Noah’s Ark. You must focus on what is possible with God, you must keep your mind on His word and His will. Don’t let fear disrupt the flow of abundance in your life. God is taking you to higher levels this month, as you keep trusting Him. It’s not over until you win! SHALOM!


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